Benefits Of Booking A Hotel Room Early

Holidays are full of fun, excitement, and relaxation, and everyone is usually eager to start the next one. However, they can be disappointing if things go against the normal plan. A very experienced manager of a hotel near bumrungrad hospital, in Bangkok advises that one of the things that can go wrong is accommodation. Most people are running the last minute to get a room and only to end up either booking in a different hotel than the one planned or get a disappointing room. But, what is the secret to avoiding all these? Booking early. One hotel manager of a renowned hotel said clients who book early have a higher chance of enjoying their hotel accommodation than the ones that book late.

Benefits of booking early

Guaranteed reservation

Very few people book early for their accommodation. This means fdgfdgdfgdfgdgdfgthat it is rare to book early and get a ‘sorry we are fully booked’ on that date response. Getting a guaranteed reservation gives a peace of mind, and you know that nothing is going to deny you accommodation of your choice if it is avoidable. The last minute booking relies on cancellations of others, and it is either you wait in the queue, or you check the next hotel.

Early bookings are cheaper than the last minute

It goes without saying that the lesser the demand, the cheaper the product and vice versa. Most accommodation centers will hike their accommodation rate if the demand is too high. Someone who booked earlier enjoys the lower rates they booked with and will not have to undergo the hassles of last minute disappointments

Get a chance to choose preferences

fdgfdgdfgdfgPreferences in the hotel are always granted on availability. Once someone has taken the lake view, you cannot get that preference even if you are willing to pay two times. If you like some views or specific rooms, then you need to book early and reserve them.


Families going for holidays need to book early to get the best family facilities that are usually limited in hotels. For example family rooms with connecting doors are usually few. If you book late, then the family may be forced to stay separate rooms that are away from each other.

Ample time to offer cancellation

Sometimes hotel rooms are booked and then need to cancel arises. Early bookings help you to plan better and should there be a reason to cancel; then the cancellation process is easier and cheap. Making a late booking and a late cancellation may subject you to nonrefundable cancellation which is costly and disappointing.