Japan Winter Travel Guide

We might not realize it, but a significant number of tourists from around the world prefer to travel during the winter season. When it comes to tourist havens during winter, it is no secret that Japan is one the favorite destinations. Now, if you are one of the many people who is planning to spend a winter holiday in Japan, allow us to provide a small travel guide when visiting Japan during the winter season.

Winter Sports

It is worth noting that Japan has many mountainous terrains and for this reason, tourists can engage in winter sports activities such as snowboarding and skiing in Japan. As a matter of fact, this is one of the main reasons why a significant number of visitors flock in Japan during the winter season. In addition, accommodation will not be a problem since there’s a lot of ski resorts to choose from.


Snow Monkeys

Now, if you are looking for a one of a kind winter wildlife experience, you should definitely visit Japan and witness its very own snow monkeys as they soak and bathe in Japan’s hot springs. However, if you are thinking that traveling halfway across the globe to witness wild monkeys soaking in hot springs are a waste of time, keep in mind that this is the only place on the whole planet where you see monkeys bathe in hot springs.

Winter Delicacies

As we all know, the gastronomic experience is one of the main reasons why many people travel across the globe. During the winter season, Japan offers winter delicacies such as Motsunabe, Yosenabe, Mizutaki, Sukiyaki, Zosui, Mochi, Osechi, Oden, Soba, and much more. Thus, if you want a have piece of Japan’s exotic culinary culture, you should definitely visit the country during the winter season.

Onsen Or Hot Springs

asdasdAfter spending the entire day with fun-packed adventures, nothing is more satisfying than having a relaxing dip in one of the many hot springs in Japan. When it comes to hot springs, Japan has a lot to offer to its visitors. In fact, Japan has a lot of hot spring resorts and hotels. On the other hand, there is a broad array of choices when it comes to public hot springs.

Temples & Snow Festivals

As we all know, Japan is known for its traditional Buddhist temples, and a visit to this country will never be complete without a stopover on one of its many temples especially during the winter season.

In addition, when visiting Japan during the winter months, do not miss the winter festivals that they are celebrating annually and witness as they highlight their amazing snow sculptures. Plus, these festivals feature games, illuminations, and other fun activities.